Monday, October 17, 2011

A Sweet Alliance

I hate to brag, but Wicker Park is pretty much the best when it comes to 'hoods in Chicago. Every day, I discover new reasons to love this place, including the perfect neighborhood cafe: Alliance Bakery. You cannot walk by without stopping to admire the jaw-dropping cakes in the window. 

After walking past (and drooling) several times, I finally got around to trying the amazing treats, thanks to the suggestion by Luke's sister. The bakery features European pastries and desserts, each one looking more delicious than the last. After a few minutes of deliberation, we settled on a carrot cake cupcake, topped with creamy cream cheese frosting and a chocolate salted caramel ganache cupcake...and a ginger snap...and a walnut raspberry cookie. (For the record, that's pretty much how we ordered, too. "Is there anything else I can get you?" "Um, yeah, we'll take a ginger snap." "And a walnut raspberry cookie." "And we'll try that salted caramel cupcake, too." We were thisclose to ordered a vanilla cake pop and pumpkin spice macaroon but decided to wait until next time.)

Friends & time you come to visit, we are going to Alliance. You'll thank me. 

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