Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running Chicago

My parents were here in Chicago this weekend, because my dad ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. He has completed over a dozen marathons now, but after every race, I'm still amazed by his strength, determination and endurance.

Plus, as someone who has completed three marathons, I truly respect the effort that goes into each race. Since I wasn't running this year, I decided to make a sign the night before--not only for encouragement, but also so that my dad could see us in the sea of spectators. He seemed to appreciate it at mile 18!

When my dad passed, I turned the sign around to reveal my words of "encouragement" for the other runners: Run like you stole something! Lots of people had a good chuckle while others were 100% zoned in on finishing and were barely looking around at that point. I've been there. I get it.

The marathon is really an incredible feat. It feels weird to not be training this fall (I continue to recover slowly from a nagging foot injury) but I hope to be pounding the pavement come spring. In the mean time, I really enjoyed this video with footage from last year's Chicago Marathon (which both of my parents completed!). It truly conveys the sense of excitement and anxiety you feel before, during and after the marathon. Take a peek:

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