Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best birthday ever

One of the best reasons to move back to the Midwest was to be closer to our families. After only being in Chicago for less than a week, I was thrilled that my parents were able to drive down for my birthday (no more airplanes!). Then, at the last minute, I found out my sister-in-law and nephew were able to come as well! 

Westley was born back in late February, and due to the distance, the last (and only) time I had seen him was when he was three weeks old. Needless to say, seeing him--along with Nelle and my parents--on my birthday was the best present a girl could ask for. W has turned into such a little man.

Well, hello there!

Army crawl!


W says, "Ok really? Enough of the pictures"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The City Dweller's New City

Fear not, loyal readers. My departure from New York does not mean the end of The City Dweller. I am moving to another amazing, fast-paced city with plenty of restaurants, events and sites waiting to be discovered by yours truly. 

Chicago, here I come! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

So Long, New York!

The time has come. After four amazing, eventful, life-changing years, I am leaving the city of New York.

I created this blog just before I moved to New York in 2007 and used it as a way to ease my family and friend's nerves and prove that I was surviving. Eventually, it evolved into something more--a place to document my life in the city.

As Luke and I packed everything up, it was incredible to reflect upon all the amazing things we had seen, done and experienced as young New Yorkers. We went to wonderful restaurants, traveled to incredible destinations and...

...saw the Pope
...worked with Tony Dungy
...had Thanksgiving for two (a couple times)
...saw the Housewives
...saw a Yankees game in a luxury suite (twice!)
...waited as the President's motorcade passed
...attended our first black-tie event
...ran the New York City marathon
...survived blizzards
...ventured out to the Hamptons

and so much more. What a journey it's been.

Farewell, to our friends and the beautiful city of New York. I'll miss you and hope to see you soon!