Sunday, July 27, 2008

My new workout

I'm nearing the end of my sessions with my trainer, and given how expensive it is, I was kind of on the look-out for new options. My friend, Janet, told me about this amazing workout called Physique 57. I went with her yesterday, and I'm hooked. It is a total body workout in 57 minutes. Not only was it really challenging but also very motivating. Hey, if it works for Kelly Ripa, they've got to be doing something right.
(image courtesy of Physique57)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Step right up folks... to Coney Island!

Luke and I ventured to Coney Island on Saturday. It's just over an hour on the subway but well worth it..if anything just to see the ocean.

Home of the famous hotdog eating contest on July 4th.


Last week, I spent Sunday and Monday in toasty warm Orlando, FL. First of all, I tell you what, 'twas glorious to get out of Manhattan. It's the dog days of summer in the city and the air is....stale. It was rather warm in Orlando, but I thoroughly enjoyed the greenery. I was in Orlando for the last leg of Tony's tour for his book, You Can Do It!. We had an amazing turnout at Family Christian Bookstore with a line winding through the store and out into the parking lot. I overheard some customers say that they got there *four* hours early to get in line! Four hours!

Just as we were leaving, I got a pic with Tony and had him sign my copy of his brilliant memoir, Quiet Strength, and the children's book. And once again, I would like to emphasize that he was the most gracious, pleasant person I have ever met. Please read his memoir if you haven't already- I guarantee that it will make you see your life differently, if anything to realize that it's so easy to treat people well. The world would be a much better place if we all took this to heart.

And without further ado...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Days with Dungy

I've really been looking forward to Tony Dungy's upcoming tour for his new children's book, You Can Do It!. I've planned all of his events and travel arrangements, so I was a little nervous that everything wouldn't go according to plan, but so far so good!
First of all, I recommend very highly his adult memoir, Quiet Strength. I read it in about a week. His children's book is great as well, and I couldn't wait to meet him.
I met him on Monday evening at Campagnola, an amazing Italian restaurant on 74th and 1st Ave. Such a friendly, pleasant person - I really cannot emphasize it enough. He signed autographs for the wait staff, said hi to people on the way out. Yesterday was the first official day of his tour and it went really well. I met them at Borders on Wall Street for his first event - we got stuck in an elevator (the signficance of which I'll explain later). A lot of people showed up over their lunch hour, and Luke got a chance to meet him too. Then, we went over to the Wall Street Journal for an interview, followed by some interviews at ESPN and Side note: I was sure to ask him for his personal opinion about Brett Favre, and he gave me a definite answer of what he thinks will happen, but his "official" opinion on air is that Mike McCarthy and Brett have probably figured something out. :)
Today was a very busy day. We started off at Fox and Friends at Fox News. Then we went to Simon & Schuster for a meet-and-greet which was so great!! I was so impressed by how many people showed up. We were running behind schedule, but Tony wanted to stay and sign for everyone. Then, on our way downstairs, we got stuck...again... in the elevator at S&S! This time, we were stuck for almost 20 minutes. Some of the other people in the elevator started to get nervous, but everyone in our group was ok. We were mostly just concerned that we were going to be even later for our next event in the Bronx. Thankfully, our driver hauled it up there, and we were only a half hour late. The kids were so great and very attentive! The Bronx Public Library was such a beautiful facility - we all really enjoyed this event. Then, we drove all the way downtown to NPR; back uptown to XM radio; and then out to New Jersey for a successful event at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ.
I cannot say enough about Tony's graciousness and sincerity when speaking with everyone, ranging from guys who stopped him on the street for an autograph to diehard Colts fans who have been displaced in New York. I will accompany him in Orlando on Sunday and Monday, and I can't wait!
So go buy the book and give it to your favorite 4-7 year old. :)

Weekend update

Luke's parents were in New York this past weekend and we had a grand ole time! Thursday night was dinner at my fav restaurant, Cuba (I take everyone here);

On Friday, we decided to take a tour on those double-decker buses. The first go-around in the downtown loop was great. However, as we approached Harlem in the uptown loop, it started pouring. cats and dogs. we were soaked!! They gave us these ponchos, but they only do so much protecting before the pelting water seeps underneath. Miraculously, it hadn't rained below Harlem, so when we got back to Manhattan, we dried off rather quickly. Dinner was pizza at the famous pizza eatery, John's Pizzeria. We caught the fireworks as well, without having to wait around for too long. Unfortunately, I lost my favorite yellow umbrella.

On Saturday, we gave it another go on the uptown loop, but as soon as we went into Harlem, it started raining again! It was unreal! So I still haven't seen much of Harlem. Then, Saturday evening, Luke treated all of us to an amazing dinner at Bobby Van's on Broad Street. Best steak .... ever. Amazing service, delicious food. I highly recommend.

On Sunday, we did the Brooklyn loop which was great! I haven't seen a lot of Brooklyn, but it was absolutely lovely. So quant.

Not only was it a great weekend, but I was so glad we could share it with Luke's parents.

Happy Belated 4th!